PhD student, BostonU
MA (Ling), CUHK
BA (CBS), HK PolyU

My CV [last updated: May 2022]

李 嘉 俊

/leɪ²³ ka⁵⁵ tsøn³³/

“Chris” Ka Chun Lee


I am Chris, a native speaker of Cantonese born, raised, and educated in Hong Kong. I moved to Boston for my graduate studies in Linguistics in 2019, and it’s my second year as a PhD student in the Linguistics Department of Boston University.

I am most interested in how Hongkongers speak, and in particular what makes them unique in speaking different languages especially from a prosodic point of view, which stems from my obsession with choral singing. Learn more…

Before joining BU, I worked as a research assistant in the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Fun fact

Before moving to Boston, I conducted a few choirs, and I sang tenor in several choirs in Hong Kong, although I am actually a  baritone. Learn more…

Hear me pronounce my name in Cantonese 😀
This is just for fun. Feel free to call me “Chris”!