My research

In general, my research focuses on the phonetics/phonology side of languages spoken by Hongkongers. In particular, I am interested in knowing how their languages (Cantonese, English, and Mandarin) interact and give rise to the unique character of Hong Kong speech, and how speakers’ social identity and attitude affect one’s speaking style. Currently, I am conducting research on the prosodic system of Hong Kong English, and the language variation and change of Hong Kong Cantonese reflected in politicians’ speech.

Work in progress

The prosodic system of Hong Kong English: lexical stress, focus prosody, and post-lexical intonation.

The prosodic system of Bolivian Quechua: A preliminary study.


Fung, R. S.-Y. & Lee, C. K.-C. (2019) Tone mergers in Hong Kong Cantonese: An asymmetry of production and perception. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 146(5): EL424-30.

Fung, R. S.-Y. & Lee, C. K.-C. (2019) Cantonese vowel merger-in-progress. In S. Calhoun, P. Escudero, M. Tabain & P. Warren (eds.) Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Melbourne, Australia 2019, 3225-3229.

Fung, R. S.-Y. & Lee, C. K.-C. (under review) Voice quality and identity: The case of Hong Kong Cantonese. Proceedings of the 30th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics.

Conference presentations

Lee, C. K.-C. & Erker, D. G. (2021) Sentence-final particles as a potential site of variation: A preliminary study of its use by heritage Cantonese speakers in Toronto, Canada. The 25th International Conference on Yue Dialects. Hong Kong.

Wang, X., Lin, Y., & Lee, C. K.-C. (2021) Formal instruction and place-based orientation in L2 Mandarin variation. Sociolinguistics Symposium 23. Hong Kong.

Lin, Y., Wang X., & Lee, C. K.-C. (2021) Linguistic attitudes and L2 production: A case of Hong Kong Mandarin. NWAV Asia-Pacific 6. Singapore. 

Lee, C. K.-C., Kang, X. & Mai, Z. (2016) Processing Cantonese classifiers by Mandarin speakers: an eye-tracking study. LSHK Annual Research Forum 2016.Hong Kong.

Old category in a new position: Processing bare Cantonese classifier in the subject position by Mandarin-Cantonese late bilinguals. Unpublished MA thesis. CUHK.

Hong Kong English as a tonal variety revisited. Unpublished term project.

The undiscussed asymmetries in English wh-interrogatives by Cantonese-English bilingual children: A pilot study. Unpublished term project.

Towards a (better) understanding of Hong Kong Mandarin phonology: The case of place contrast in the three fricative-affricate triplets. Unpublished term project.

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